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Vol 3 No 1 (2020)


1.An Assessment of the Perception and Use of
Anti-plagiarism Methods by the Postgraduate Students
of the University of Kerala (07-21)
Dr. Ajikumari. T & Dr. Suresh Kumar. P. K PDF

2.Issues in Plagiarism Detection
Based on the Experience in University of Calicut Ensuing
Implementation of Plagiarism Check Policy (22-27)
Dr. Vinod. V. M & Dr. Abdul Azeez. T. A PDF

3.Bibliometric Studies on
Coronavirus Disease (CoVID-19) Research:
An Analytical Study (28-40)
Renjith. V. R & Shihab. I  PDF

4.Awareness and Usage of the National Digital Library of
India in the Pandemic Situation
A Study of the Central University of Tamil Nadu (41-47)
Ashkar. K ;  Sarasu. R & Sayed Mohamed Jelani. A PDF

5.A Comparative Study of Bibliometric Characteristics of
the DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information
Technology and Annals of Library and Information
Studies (48-54)PDF
Joydip Barman PDF

6.Indian Contribution to Open Access Literature:
A Study Based on OpenDOAR (55-60)
Abdulla. A & Dr. B. Mini Devi PDF

7.Perspectives of Library Professionals on the Role of
Innovative Technologies in their Career Development
A Study Based on Literature (61-65)
Sreena. V. Nair & Athulya. S PDF

8.Professional Competency Skills of Librarians Under
Kerala State Library Council in Malappuram District (66-84)
Dr. Manzoor Babu. V & Zubaida Sabin. A PDF

9.Lecture Capturing System
A Facility for E-content Development in Educational Institutions (85-88)
Suguna. L. S PDF

10.Marketing of Library and Information
Sources and Services (89-94)
Dr. V. Senthur Velmurugan & Dr. Amudha PDF

11.Soft Skills for Library Professionals (95-98)
Arun Joseph. S & Dr. B. Mini Devi PDF


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